Reverend Harold L. Barnwell, Pastor

Pastor Barnwell (barnwell.jpg)

Pastor Harold L. Barnwell is a native of Jacksonville, Florida and a graduate of New Stanton Senior High School.

After graduating from Kentucky State University with a Bachelor of Art degree in sociology, he taught special education one year at Kentucky State Development Training School. He then relocated to Gary, Indiana, and began his vocation as a social worker at the Lake County Department of Welfare.

Later, he completed the Senior Executive Program (SEP) for Child Welfare Managers, University of North Carolina, School of social work.. More...


How We Implement Our Vision

Bethel A.M.E. Church offers opportunities for people and families of all ages to participate in a variety of programs and ministries, including:

Christian Education Department

Fannie Ellison Missionary Society

Lay Organization

Library & Technology Ministry

Netcasters Men's Fellowship

Senior Usher Board

Visitation and Concern Ministries

The Class Leaders

Young People's Department

Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church

Founded on the principle of inclusion of all of God's people, Bethel AME Church believes that Christian worship is the participation of the people of God proclaiming the word of God!

Located at 1744 Darrow Avenue, in Evanston, Illinois, Bethel African Methodist Episcipal Church is led by the Reverend Harold L. Barnwell,. Our mission to service the vineyards of our community, to be a light to the downtrodden, hope for the discouraged and strength for the weak and forgotten. Our aim is to please the one who enlisted us, by example. By example, we proclaim that our Redeemer is still alive and active in this world!

We are the reconciled body of Christ and through our efforts we want all to see our goodness and give God the glory. We invite you to join us for our Sunday morning worship services which are held held at 10:00 am in the Main Sanctuary, immediately following the 9:00 A.M. Church School. At each worship service there is always an open invitation to Christian Discipleship.

In Support of The People of Haiti

January 14, 2010, (Cary, NC) The Council of Bishops of the African Methodist Episcopal Church stopped its winter session which included deliberations about the earthquake in Malawi upon learning of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. 

“We want the members of the AME Church in both Malawi and Haiti to know that your Church stands ready to mobilize with its partners (US AID, NGOs, American Red Cross and other faith bodies) to deliver humanitarian relief as quickly as possible, declares Bishop Carolyn Tyler Guidry, President of the Council of Bishops. Read more..